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Questioning the Present: The Populist Century

The Center of Global Culture and Communication (An interdisciplinary initiative of Northwestern University’s School of Communication) & the Center for Transcultural Studies

jointly present

Questioning the Present: An Online Public Forum on
The Populist Century’
(Polity Press, 2021)

Pierre Rosanvallon
(Modern and Contemporary Political History, Collège de France)

At a time when the words and slogans of the left have lost much of their power to inspire, Pierre Rosanvallon takes populism for what it is: the rising ideology of the twenty-first century. In The Populist Century he develops a rigorous theoretical account of populism, distinguishing five key features that make up populist political culture; he retraces its history in modern democracies from the mid-nineteenth century to the present; and he offers a well-reasoned critique of populism, outlining a robust democratic alternative. This wide-ranging and insightful account of the theory and practice of populism will be of great interest to students and scholars in politics and the social sciences and to anyone concerned with the key political questions of our time.

Michael Sandel (Professor of Government, Harvard University)
Charles Taylor (Professor Emeritus of Philosophy, McGill University)
Nadia Urbinati (Professor of Political Science, Columbia University)

Friday, December 2
10:00 am to 12:00 pm CST
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